This Dog Video Will Blow Your Mind...and Maybe Annoy You a Little, Too

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Usually, a dog's vocabulary consists of "sit" and "stay" and simple commands like that--probably if you really want to get technical, they know them as "siiiitttttt" and "stayyyyyyy" because let's be honest with ourself, we totally talk to our dogs like they're toddlers.

Also, they somehow were born with the natural ability to understand the name of essentially ANY food you say in front of them. Try it. Anyway, this dude's dog has a better comprehension of the English language than a lot of adults we know. He seems to be some sort of dog trainer because he's got his website plastered across the video, but good for him because he's obvi good at what he does.

If you're even slightly as dog-obsessed as we are, you'll probably be like "oh that's cute...look at that" and then about 30 seconds into it, you'll be like "for the love of Fido, let the poor dog have his toy!" It's totally adorbs that he knows how to listen, but when the guy starts playing tricks on him "back up....get close...back up...get close" we want to jump through our computer screen, grab the toy and hand it to him ourselves.

Finally, it looks like the dog will have his day and he's allowed to approach the toy...and more mind games. Now we know why guys get so mad at us when we play them. Not that we'll stop altogether, but if we can think of you like this poor puppy dog who just wants you to give it to him straight, we might ease up a little bit. Maybe.

(h/t Distractify)

VIRAL DOG! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

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