Cute, Creepy or Both? Talking Frenchie Protests Bedtime

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Anyone who has ever tried to get their dog to "speak" knows how exciting it can be when they actually let out the littlest noise upon hearing the command. In this case, however, the dog speaks a little TOO well and he totally throws a tantrum when bedtime rolls around.

We have no idea what he's actually saying, but his message is well-received either way. This dude doesn't want to go to bed. We can't imagine why, he has that cute little bed and his blankie is in there, but he's not having it and he's willing to fight for a few extra minutes (we've all been there, bro).

We're still on the fence about whether we think this video is cute or creepy. The dog is totally cute, but the voice sounds kind of like a frog...or an alien...and we think it would be kind of weird to wake up to your dog having a full-on conversation with you. What do you guys think? Is the talking dog cute or creepy?

Talking Dogs: The Supercut

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