Emma Stone Admits She's Obsessed With Ghosts

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We're kind of surprised we haven't seen Emma Stone in a horror movie yet.

The 25-year-old Amazing Spider-Man 2 star admitted she's been obsessed with morbid things like ghosts and death since she was a kid. So much so that she used to hang out in graveyards (!) in her hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona because she liked "spooky things." Umm..what?!

"I was always in cemeteries when I was a kid," she told the UK's Guardian. "I was really into spooky things like ghosts and death. It makes you live more fully if you are aware that you only have a finite amount of time. I have had an awareness of mortality since I was around six or seven. If it's not been in the forefront of my mind, it has at least been creeping over my shoulders."

"There is something oddly comforting about death," she continued. "I have never been an entirely carefree person." Her way of thinking actually led her to leave high school early and move to Los Angeles at the age of 15. She convinced her parents via a PowerPoint presentation that relocating to Hollywood was the best thing for everyone. Her parents have a similar mindset when it comes to living life fully, so the move just made sense. Emma said they agreed to move, "so I could pursue what I wanted to do as quickly as possible," she said.

"Everything happened younger because of that mentality; it has made me appreciate life in a really big way. Any time I lose sight of that and I feel like I am bulletproof, that's when I get into trouble."

While a bit morbid, her rationale has certainly paid off!

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