How Many Hounds Can You Fit in One Dog House?

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Dude, is this a doghouse or one of those crazy clown cars? At the beginning of the video, we see two dogs' butts and it's like "oh, how cute, they're sharing their little igloo thing."

Then, those two come out...and then another one follows them...and another one follows that one and then ANOTHER one. FIVE dogs. One tries to sneak around the corner, and make it look like he came out of the igloo, too, but we were totally on to him. Either way, five Basset hounds in that little dog house? That's a lot of big bodies, short legs and floppy ears.

Someone had to be getting their snout smushed in a big way. Guess the term "dog pile" isn't just a figure of speech anymore.

Clearly, the canines knew their video was going to go viral because by the end of the clip, a bunch of other pups come running around the corner to try to get their mugs in front of the camera, too. The more dogs, the merrier, we say...although we might feel differently if we had to share that dog house.

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