Students Turn Professor's Own Rule Against Him in Epic Prank

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So, this professor at Aquinas College has a rule that if your cell phone rings during class, you have to answer it on speaker phone. Not entirely original, but what the students did to turn it around on him totally was.

For an April Fools' prank, they staged a speakerphone call with one of the girls in the class and they made sure it was more than a little awkward when she answered it.

At first, the prof thought the whole thing was super funny and he was like 'yeahhhhhh, that's my rule' and then he heard what the call was about and he wasn't so pumped about it anymore.

We don't want to spoil the surprise, so we won't tell you what the phone call was about--but we do have to give him credit for taking the whole thing so well. Or maybe he was just THAT relieved that the call wasn't real. Think he's going to re-think that rule?

Professor Teaches Wrong Class For Entire Semester


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