Teen Mom 2 Couple Calls It Quits, Just Months After Having a Baby (Report)

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Bummer. This is exactly what Teen Mom 2 star Chelsea Houska was talking about when she found out her baby daddy had gotten his girlfriend pregnant.

In addition to the fact that her daughter has a half-sibling, which she wasn't too thrilled about to begin with, it looks like Adam Lind has now created another single mom.

According to Teen Mom Truth, Taylor Halbur broke up with Adam because of his immaturity. Chelsea has made similar accusations for the guy who doesn't seem to want to grow up. He also has a couple of DUIs and from what we see on the show, he doesn't exactly have the whole career thing figured out yet, either.

Unfortunately for Adam, he now has two kids that he's going to need to help take care of. He and Taylor just welcomed their daughter Paislee seven months ago. Taylor has not officially confirmed the breakup yet, but she has been posting some timely tweets about coming out on top and getting stronger before inquiring about the secrets to a lasting relationship.

Since there is more than likely going to be a follow-up to this season of Teen Mom 2, we will probably see Adam and Taylor's breakup unfold in front of the cameras. We also have a sneaky suspicion that she and Chelsea are going to end up being buddies because for better or worse, they now have a lot in common.

In related news, Adam and Taylor just gave each other rings last month and posted a pic of their accessorized fingers with the caption "promise to each other." Whoops.

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