Which Teen Mom 2 Star Is Getting Twitter Hate for Her Parenting Skills?

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For the past couple of weeks on Teen Mom 2, we've seen a couple of the kids try to test their boundaries. Jenelle Evans' son, Jace, for example, has been cussing like a truck driver (wonder where he gets that from?) and he's been acting out with some of his friends, pinching them and just kind of being a little bit of a brat.

The one that surprised us the most, though, was Chelsea Houska's daughter Aubree, who is always so darn cute, we just want to go all Grandma on her and give her cheeks a good pinch. In last week's episode, however, Aubree shocked us with her little temper tantrum.

When Chelsea was picking her up from daycare, Aubs asked if her cousin could come over and when Chelsea told her no, she went nuclear. She screamed, she flailed around, she raised her voice, she did the whole thing every toddler does--and Chelsea probably reacted like many other moms would, except that there were cameras documenting her disciplining process and you know what that means.

Angered fans quickly took to Twitter to tell Chelsea in 140 characters or less just how much they thought she sucked. While opinions varied widely, what most people agreed on was that it was kind of weird that she still took her for frozen yogurt after the epic meltdown. Could have just been the way it was all pieced together during editing, but that part did seem kind of random, we're not gonna lie.

Chelsea didn't speak out about the untimely FroYo, but she did defend the way she handled the tantrum overall. "No matter how I handled Aubree's temper tantrum..people would've still complained," she wrote. "She is 4 and anyone with kids knows that happens. Plus...when the cameras are around I am hesitant to discipline as much knowing that when it airs, people will voice there [sic] opinions."

We have to admit, if we had cameras following us 24/7, we probably wouldn't be too thrilled with the way we ended up looking. Like when you start a knockdown, drag-out fight with your boyfriend over whether he likes your hair down or up because you're PMS-ing and he needs to just make up his mind, already. Yeah, stuff like that.

Do you guys think people should cut Chelsea some slack or is fielding comments from critical fans just part of the gig when you're on a reality show?

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