Do Not Get Drunk After You Sign a Skydiving Waiver: A Cautionary Tale

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Usually, contracts aren't binding if you sign them when you're drunk (or stoned or whatever altered state you might be in), but if you sign the contract BEFORE you get drunk, that's your problem.

This dude signed a waiver a few days before his birthday and apparently his buddies (you need some new friends, bro) covered the description so he basically signed his life away not having any idea what he was getting himself into. And he was sober for that part, believe it or not.

Then, when his big day rolled around, he got drunk and the same peeps that were supposed to be holding his head over the toilet ended up taking him up in a plane and tossing him out of it. Oh, and he's afraid of heights.

"They put earplugs in my ears so I couldn't hear the airplane noise," he explained in the video description. "I am super lightweight when it comes to drinking... I took a lot of shots the night before and was blacked out... all I remember was getting carried out the club or something like that and that's it..."

We actually feel kind of bad for the guy. Anyone who has ever had that falling feeling just as they're falling asleep knows the sheer terror we're talking about, except this guy's was real. Fortunately, he doesn't seem mad about it, so who are we to tell him that his friends are a bunch of a**holes?

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