Jenelle Evans Getting Married Again? Reality Star Posts Wedding Teaser

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Jenelle Evans is still legally married to Courtland Rogers, but that hasn't stopped her from getting knocked up by another guy and making plans to become HIS bride.

The reality star has teased Twitter fans about the idea of her and her current boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, getting married, but it never really sounded like anything serious.

At one point, she said she wanted their first dance to be to Justin Timberlake's 'Mirrors' (maybe to celebrate her love of mirror selfies) and she told MTV during an interview that "We're not engaged yet or anything, but soon we might be." Um, that's pretty vague. In that case, I'm not rich yet, but soon I might be :::brb going to buy lottery ticket:::

Anyway, even if Jenelle and Nathan did get engaged, they'd have to wait just a little while before they make it official because Jenelle and her estranged husband can't officially get a divorce for another couple of weeks.

To keep fans on their toes, however, the embattled reality star posted some photos of herself at a friend's wedding over the weekend, and one of the captions said "With the beautiful bride and bride's maid! can't wait until my big day!!!!" That kind of makes it sound like it's more than just a hypothetical, doesn't it?

We have mixed emotions about Jenelle and Nathan getting married. It feels rushed, which may be due to the fact that she's still married to someone else...or the fact that they got pregnant after knowing each other for like 8 seconds. Also, they apparently fight like cats and dogs...and one time the cops reportedly had to come to the house after one of their little lovers quarrels.

We've seen them fight a little bit on the show and we just think that it might be in everyone's best interest if Jenelle hangs tight for just a little while. With North Carolina standing firm on their rule that divorce not be granted until at least one year after marriage, it seems like even the state is trying to tell her to take a beat.

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