Katy Perry's Slime Green 'Do Is Definitely a Don't

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Nobody thought she would actually do it--and now that she did, we kinda wish she wouldn't have. Last week, Katy Perry teased that she was going to color her hair slime green for Spring. Because nothing says "flowers" and "happy" like mold-colored hair.

"I've wanted to go slime green for a long time," she told E! News. "It's spring time and I think it's time to freshen up my look...I'm really excited about slime green, but I hope my hair doesn't fall out."

Slime green in itself is not a hot hair color, but the color that she ended up with is definitely not what you'd consider a revenge makeover. In fact, John Mayer is probably happy he doesn't have to run his hands through that.

We've seen Katy rock a whole bunch of different hair colors...pink, blue, black, yellow, red...but we're definitely not on board with her latest hue. If it would have been a little brighter, like real slime (girl, tell your hairdresser to watch the KCAs next year!) then maybe we would have been a little more receptive to it.

As of right now, we're giving it a big giant thumbs down. If there is any silver lining, it's that they at least tried to go for the ombre effect. Even if every single color on the spectrum is utterly repulsive.

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