Kim Kardashian's Butt: Like You've Never Seen It Before

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Oh hey, Kim Kardashian's butt, it's been a minute. The last time we got this up close and personal with the reality star's most famous asset was when she posted that Instagram belfie that everyone is still talking about.

Well, now we have another one to obsess over and while we think it would probably feel pretty weird to pose for photos like that (especially with your mom watching, because you KNOW Kris Jenner was totally there), we're not gonna lie--her body does look smokin' hot.

In one of the pics, the reality star is laying on the sand right next to the waterline and it would be so fun to make a beached whale reference there, but we can't because she looks too d*mn good. The second pose she finds herself in is super awkward with her butt literally hanging over the edge of a boat, but not in the kind of way our butts hang over our office chair. This is like a special kind of insanely sexy butt-dangling that really only Kim could pull off.

The photos were taken while Kim was in Thailand and it looks like it was somehow work-related, but we can't imagine what she's trying to help sell. We don't care, though, we're sold.

P.S. The butt-dangling photo in the video above is censored and the one below isn't. The choice is yours. How much butt can you bear?

Kim Kardashian's Steamiest Bikini Photo Yet

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