Lady Gaga Gives Boyfriend Taylor Kinney a Private Show--in Public

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There is TMI and there is PDA, but in this case, we find it necessary to create a hybrid of the two and say that Lady Gaga officially committed a TMPDA with her boyfriend Taylor Kinney.

Not that the singer has ever been shy about anything, wearing clothes, not wearing clothes, she doesn't really seem to care either way. But when she put her half-naked self on Taylor's lap and started grinding on him in the middle of a club, sh*t got a little too real.

Of course, Taylor didn't seem to mind one bit (and why would he?) as he smacked her a** and we kinda felt like we were seeing something that is best kept behind closed doors.

They were "She was gyrating for him and mouthing lyrics from her new single, 'G.U.Y.,' to her boyfriend, saying softly 'touch me, touch me.' He spanked her and she gave her a sexy lap dance," an eyewitness told E! News. "She was sneaking some kisses backstage. They looked very happy and inseparable."

More like happy and horny. Gaga's attempts to shock us lately are feeling a little bit too desperate. Having someone puke on you, giving your boyfriend a lap dance in public. We get it, you're edgy.

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