Demi Lovato Fans "Vicious," According to Kathy Griffin

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Remember when Kathy Griffin slammed Demi Lovato and then some of her fans went bats**t crazy and let the hate and death threats fly at Kathy? Good times.

Kathy named Demi as the biggest douche celebrity and the singer's fans weren't having it...but Demi nipped it in the bud and told her Lovatics to pull it together and stop cyberbullying Kathy. High road taken.

If you thought the dust had settled and it was over, however, check out Kathy bashing Demi's fans during her interview with Howard Stern, where she called Lovatics "very vicious."

She brought some of the NSFW tweets along from Lovatics--which she thought were actually funny. The police, however, took it seriously--contacting her because they believed it to be beyond "Twitter hate."

While Kathy says she has "no problem" with Demi, she noted that celebs aren't off limits during her comedy act, bringing up Demi's recent nude photo leak as potential material for her show.

Demi Lovato Responds on Twitter About Nude Pics with Wilmer Valderrama

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