Epic Interview Fail or Viral Video Hoax? You Be the Judge

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We have to admit, when we first saw this video, we laughed our butts off, just like all the other 1.6 million people who have already watched it on YouTube. Then, we started to wonder if we had just fallen victim to yet another viral video hoax.

In the clip, a Dutch reporter is about to begin an interview when whoops! Woman overboard. There are just a couple of things about this clip that don't add up for us.

1. Why in the world are they conducting the interview next to an open door on the boat? What's wrong with standing three feet to the left or right where you'd have a wall behind you? We would still get that whole you're on a boat in the water thing. This just seems senseless.

2. Why the heck is she leaning out over the edge of the boat TOWARD the water to grab that loose-hanging rope? Like, 'oh I'm just casually dangling myself out over the edge of the boat while I chat it up with this dude.' No, that's not what you'd be doing. At all.

3. Homegirl doesn't even TRY to grab the side when she's falling over the edge. She just kind of casually lets her hand slide over the top while she lets out a big, giant "woooooo!" hahaha Even if it is fake, we still laugh at that part.

4. She fell way too well. If she was that uncoordinated where she would grab the stupid rope in the first place AND not be able to grab on to the edge, she probably wouldn't have been able to execute this picture-perfect stunt woman-type landing. If there was a "Best Practices" for falling, this image would be in the book.

5. The guy with the boom mic is either REALLY good at his job and is a total sound-seeking ninja or he knew she was going to be "falling" in the water and he was ready to shove the mic over to capture the reaction. Side note: Why the heck is that guy handing her his necklace thing?

Also, the "About" section on the YouTube video links to a boat festival, which seems like some kind of promotion, but in all fairness, we couldn't understand a word of what she was saying in the intro on the clip, so it might have been about that to begin with.

What do you guys think? Epic blooper or total hoax?

(h/t Gawker)

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