Freaky: Emma Watson Unmasks to Reveal Sofia Vergara GIF Will Haunt Your Dreams

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Umm...what did we just watch here? Oh, just GIF proof that Emma Watson is really Sofia Vergara in an Emma Watson mask. WTF?

Yeah, never underestimate the talented folks of the internet--or question how their minds could even dream up this scenario, but we have to give credit that it's a GIF (and video) well done.

And it's so completely freaky that watching it just once won't do, as repeated viewings make you wonder how this is even possible. Like...what?

There's Emma, pulling down her dress to show off ginormous boobs, which are really just part of an elaborate rubber costume...but wait, it gets weirder, as she starts to pull the costume up over her face, and it looks like she's completely melting, to reveal Sofia.

Mind. Blown. Also? File this under "things that can't be unseen."

And if that's not creepy enough, you can check out the video this came from, featuring mask maker Kerry Johnson with the original mask called "The Susan."

Emma Watson unmasks Sofia Vergara gif

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