Harry Styles "Very Drunk" at Eagles Concert, Claims Kathy Griffin

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You know, we have to hand it to Kathy Griffin--inserting herself into the lives of younger celebs to keep things fresh and relevant is pretty clever. How else to explain her slam on Demi Lovato (and the subsequent Lovatics backlash) and her recent tell-all of her mini-hang with Harry Styles?

You may recall awhile back, Kathy was in proximity to Harry at an Eagles concert, which he went to with Kendall Jenner. Kathy even managed to snag Harry's coat, tweet a pic of herself with it and exchange tweets with Harry--totally getting One Direction fans saying, "who the hell is Kathy Griffin?"

Well played. After all, as a comedian who loves to slam on celebs, why not skew a little bit younger and stir up some s**t with Demi and 1D fans?

Kathy told The Sun (via Press Party): "I was at an Eagles concert and I was sat next to Harry Styles. I was ruthlessly busting his b**ls and he seemed very, very drunk, and then he went up to Tom Hanks backstage and was making a loveable fool of himself."

She continued: "He said to him, 'Were you scared on the boat shooting Captain Phillips. Were you scared?' It seemed so small'. Tom kept saying to him, 'Harry, this is Kathy Griffin--she's a comedian'. He didn't get it. He wasn't being a d**che but he kept leaving his coat with me. I was going to steal it but my boyfriend talked me out of it so I didn't get arrested."

Seems Kathy is getting a lot of mileage out of being in proximity to Harry at a concert.

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