Lindsay Lohan Thought It Would Be Funny to Prank Call Oprah: It Wasn't

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As we are all well-aware, Lindsay Lohan has a reality show on Oprah's OWN network. While we've certainly seen the embattled actress suffer her fair share of ups and downs on the show (low point: when Oprah told her to "cut the bullsh*t"), it seems that things are going much better now.

"She's actually become a mentor to me," LiLo revealed to David Letterman. "And I allow it now." Girl, nobody ALLOWS Oprah to be their mentor. If Oprah wants to mentor you, you better shut up and be the best d*mn mentee the world has ever known. We would give anything to even clean Oprah's toilets and you're LETTING her be your mentor?! Come on...

Anyway, it seems that Lindsay might be new to this whole being mentored thing because there is a big difference between a mentor and a friend. The first being that you prank call a friend, you don't prank call a mentor. Oh well, LiLo is still learning, so we'll cut her some slack.

Almost as soon as they get "The Big O" on the phone, they give themselves away and Oprah goes from prank call victim to mentor status at lightning speed.

When Dave asks how LiLo is doing these days (while she's sitting there, what's Oprah supposed to say?) she says "she's doing really OK," which apparently is amazing for LiLo because as Oprah elaborates, she starts to cry. The whole thing is fabulously awkward and we kinda feel bad for LiLo for the fact that "really OK" is a (happy) cry-worthy progress report. Keep up the "really OK" work, LiLo!

Oprah to Lindsay Lohan:

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