Stevie Nicks and Jimmy Fallon Totally Nailed This Present-Day Throwback

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Stevie Nicks appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon Wednesday night and all she really had to do was step out on the stage and we would have loved it, but she exceeded our expectations in the most incredible way.

First things first, let's get one thing straight. Before there was Beyonce, there was Stevie Nicks...and she was everything-- in the 1970s, in the 1980s and if you're hardcore like us, she's still a pretty big deal in 2014. If you're like "who the hell is Stevie Nicks," go school yourself real quick. Google her...or Fleetwood Mac...or "best female rock singer" (true story, she comes up).

OK, so now that you're in the know, you can appreciate how awesome it is that she just recreated her hit video for "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" from 1981 (yeah, they had videos in 1981--they were fuzzy and a little base, but they existed).

Jimmy Fallon was standing in for Tom Petty, which totally blew our minds because he was a dead ringer for the "Free Fallin'" crooner with that wig and the whole thing. We don't really care, though. Put Jimmy there, but Justin Bieber there, hell put Charlie Sheen there for all we care. We're in it for the Stevie--nothing more, nothing less.

Obviously a couple of things have changed since 1981, but you know what hasn't changed? Stevie. Girl is 65 years old and she's every bit the sultry siren she always was. Tbh, we're really not digging that "I just got electrocuted" perm, but it WAS hot in the '80s and they were going for authenticity in this re-enactment, so we'll let that one (Land)slide. :::If you're a Stevie fan, you get it:::

Even if you're not a Stevie fan, you've gotta appreciate the way she and Jimmy just killed this present-day throwback. New video is above. Old video is below. But we bet if we didn't tell you (and if the new one didn't have a huge Jimmy Fallon logo on it) it might be tough to tell the difference.

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