Drake Goes Undercover to Hear What People Really Think About Him

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Amanda Bynes was right, Drake IS ugly. Well, at least in this clip he is, which means we have to give some huge props to the makeup person because making Drizzy ugly wouldn't be an easy job. At all.

On Thursday night's Jimmy Kimmel Live, they disguised the rapper to go out and interview people on the street. The catch? Drake was asking them what they thought of Drake--and they had no idea they were telling him.

It's always so easy for everyone to pound away with the hate on their keyboards when they can hide behind the anonymity of the Internet, but what happens when you're slamming someone to their face?Total game-changer.

Watch what happens when "Fake Drake" finds out what people really think of him. Or at least what people think they think of him...because he was asking them how Drake did hosting the ESPYs "last night" and...well, they aren't until July 16.

Our favorite had to be the dude who said he's not a Drake fan and called him a "chicken head," although Drizzy holding the other guy's coffee cup WHILE he played a "Drake diss song" would definitely be a close second.
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