Minnie Driver Quits Twitter Over Mean Bikini Pic Comments: Because People Are Lame

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A pic of Minnie Driver in a bikini on vacation got quite the response--and enough of a negative one that the actress is quitting Twitter over it. Ah yes, Twitter trolls strike again.

Minnie looked fab on her vacation in Miami with family, but couldn't avoid the paparazzi's lens, as pics found their way online. Let's just say not everyone was so impressed with her bikini body. Words hurt, guys--and she's not sticking around to deal with it (we totally understand).

She tweeted: "God some people are horrible: you try being photographed when you don't know it's happening, when you're on holiday with your kids," adding, "I'm out of this Twittersphere for a while. It's too mean sometimes, about your body, about your soul. Not worth it."

Minnie had told ABC News that she was a fan of Twitter, explaining, "As a celebrity, it's having a forum where you can answer the nonsensical rubbish that is written about you or not engage with that. It's given a little bit of control back. I love it."

We're guessing her opinion of Twitter might have changed since that interview.

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