Wish Farrah Abraham Would Just Stop Talking? You're Not Alone

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Farrah Abraham has a way of pissing people off. Often times, during interviews, she'll end up annoyed at the interviewer, or there audience if there is one--she's pretty much an equal opportunity arguer.

And we all saw her on Couples Therapy, where the Backdoor Teen Mom gave us a front row seat to the total tornado that is Farrah Abraham.

A few weeks ago, Farrah fired off a couple of comments that didn't sit well with Vivid Entertainment, the company that released her porn flick. The part that they really weren't thrilled about was where she said she was drugged and raped while on tour promoting the film.

Vivid head honcho, Steve Hirsch, said he would offer Farrah $1 million to take--and pass--a lie detector test, which she never took. Sounds like easy money to us...unless...oh nevermind. Anyway, about two weeks after the lie detector test that never was, Farrah received a cease and desist letter from Vivid, ordering her to "cease and desist from any further defamatory actions against Vivid."

We would guess that would involve writing a book about your experience in the porn industry and exposing the secrets behind one of the biggest names in the biz--and it sounds like our guess is correct, because when rumors surfaced that Farrah's new "erotic novel" would do exactly that, the company sent her another little legal love note.

According to TMZ, Vivid sent her yet another letter, telling her to shut her trap and citing a confidentiality agreement that she signed, which she can't skirt around by marketing the upcoming book as "fiction." We don't know how many people were dying to get their hands on Farrah's musings, but a deal's a deal.

Farrah Abraham Spills Sex Tape Secrets
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