16 and Pregnant: Sneak Peek of the Brand New Season

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Ready or not, there's another season of 16 & Pregnant comin' at you and it starts Monday April 14. In this sneak peek (above), we see an awkward exchange between Madison and her mom. The mom is upset that her 16-year-old is pregnant, but not for the reason you'd expect.

"I just became a mother three months ago," she says as she holds her brand new baby. "I'm not ready to be called 'Grandma' yet." Things get worse when they reveal how Madison broke the news. She texted her and told her that she had something to tell her, which is kind of weird in and of itself, but that's not the worst of it. She was texting her from upstairs in the same house. Girl, get off your butt and go talk to your mama.

Then the mom tells her that she's throwing her life away and that her dreams of becoming a lawyer and an interior designer are being flushed down the toilet. A lawyer AND an interior designer? That was pretty ambitious to begin with--or are there interior design lawyers? Anyway, it looks like she's gonna have to put her interior design skills to work pretty soon because her mom proceeds to tell her that she's kicking her out.

One of the mom's suggestions is that she go live with Cody, who we're assuming is the baby daddy, but then she says that she and Cody don't even hardly know each other and it looks like we might have another Leah Messer (Calvert) situation on our hands, which is weird because she kinda looks like Leah.

For the full season sneak peek, check out the video below.

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