Are Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley Back Together?

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Ever since Amber Portwood got out of prison back in November, rumors have been swirling that she and ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Gary Shirley were going to get back together.

Obviously, anyone who has watched the show knows that Amber and Gary are not a good combo. They have their moments where we're like "hmm...maybe" and then something happens that shows us that it's just a highly combustible situation.

Gary had a girlfriend for a little while while Amber was in prison. Gary even gave her a promise ring (hopefully this one wasn't from Walmart) and then things went south fairly quickly. "Give a girl a promise ring after 9 months of dating, find out she's in a relationship w someone else after she said she broke up with them f**k!" he wrote in a now-deleted tweet.

"Lol the sad thing is I believed everything she said haha d**n! Told her she should act!" he continued. Except that he probably wasn't actually laughing out loud...or laughing at all, because he kinda got hosed.

Naturally everyone's first thought was that he would go back to Amber and now that she's a free woman and seems to have cleaned up her act, the possibility doesn't seem too far-fetched.

For whatever reason, the Amber/Gary reconciliation rumor mill has been extra active the past couple of days. Maybe they're hanging out together (they do have a daughter that they're trying to co-parent), maybe they're friends with benefits or maybe they're just study buddies or something, who knows. But Amber did take to Twitter to tell her fans that they are absolutely not a couple--for now.

"I'm single..but it's not bad :)" she wrote on April 10. Then, she started tweeting about love and subtweeted Gary in another post and fans were quick to assume that meant they were an item once again. "No no we are not back together!" she clarified.

We still think they'll end up back together again. For better or worse (it's been more worse, but maybe it can become better?) Gary seems like he would do anything for Amber and we think there might be a little tiny piece of him that still loves her--and vice versa. If Amber really has cleaned up her act, maybe they could be good together this time around? What do you guys think?

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