Teen Mom 2 Season Finale Sneak Peek: Is Jenelle Evans Having Another Abortion?

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We're not gonna lie, this is kinda getting tough to watch. Jenelle Evans is fresh off of an abortion from her pregnancy with her estranged husband, Courtland Rogers, then she met Nathan Griffith and now they're expecting.

Her pregnancy was so soon after the abortion, the first time she thought she was pregnant, she went to the doctor and found out she had actually just had a positive pregnancy test because the abortion was so recent.

Maybe that should have been some sort of signal to her that she was taking things a touch too fast with Nathan, but Jenelle doesn't always listen to reason and despite her best friend and her mom telling her it wasn't a good idea, she went ahead and got pregnant, anyway. And yes, they were trying.

Currently, Nathan is in jail and there have been rumors that the two were fighting a lot lately, but we had no idea things ever got this bad. In this sneak peek of Sunday night's 90-minute Teen Mom 2 season finale, Jenelle and Nathan have one of the saddest fights we've seen on the show--or ever, for that matter.

Nathan coldly suggests that Jenelle (who is 12 weeks pregnant) get an abortion and he literally just keeps eating his snack while he's talking about it, like it's NBD. The things he says to her are not even worth repeating because they're heart-wrenching no matter which side of the abortion debate you find yourself on.

We know this was a little while ago and they seem to be on the up side of their ups and downs, but do you guys think Jenelle and Nathan will actually last and be able to parent their son or do you think Jenelle's mom will have to raise him, too?

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