Who Knew Having Your Kid Cuss You Out Could Be So Cute?

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Maybe this kid should put some of his bath soap in his mouth. A YouTuber posted this video of his son in the bath trying to say "thank you" and...well, it didn't exactly come out that way.

In fact, the kid totally unloaded a whole slew of F-bombs on his dad without even knowing it. To be fair, he was speaking on behalf of his toy frog, though, so he's really just the messenger.

"So...we need to work a little on our pronunciation. Lloyd is a year and a half and also half Swedish - half Canadian," the dad captioned the video. The most ironic part, though, is that "thank you" ended up bringing out the bad word and not the duck that they were talking about right before that.

Fortunately, this was spoken and not written because we can't even imagine how autocorrect would have mangled that one. Check your texts, you've probably used the word "duck" a lot more than you ever intended to.

By around the fourth "f**k you," the kid looks like he has an epiphany and realizes that what he's saying is a lot funnier than the standard "thank you." Then, when his dad tries to get him to articulate the more polite version, he doesn't think it's so fun anymore. We think Lloyd might be a lot smarter than he lets on.

(h/t E! Online)

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