Is There a CNN Pregnancy Test?

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This is so amazingly wrong, it's totally right. Last night, on Saturday Night Live, they introduced us to what we could expect if CNN released their very own version of a pregnancy test.

Three minutes is a long time to wait, you guys, and these test-makers feel the test-takers' pain, so they provide you with breaking news updates. For anyone who has ever dropped everything they're doing to run to the TV when CNN has a "Breaking News" update, you'll definitely appreciate the satire in this one.

Obvi, the whole thing is fake and don't worry, CNN doesn't really have a pregnancy test because that would be super weird. Still, the pretend one is hilarious and pretty on point.

Our favorite part is definitely the says "#4 Doctor Recommended" and has like three asterisks after the "test early" claim. We wish we could read what those said. Also, there are two tests--although we have a feeling one is more than enough.

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