Chelsea Houska Slept With Adam Lind's Best Friend AND His Brother?

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Make no mistake about it, we are big fans of Chelsea Houska--and her dad, Randy--but we have to admit, this was a bit of a shock to the system.

On Teen Mom 2, Chelsea always seems like she's the innocent one who is trying so hard to just be a good mom and is continuously having her heart broken by ex-boyfriend and baby daddy Adam Lind. Turns out, there is A LOT more to the story and Adam is letting is in on a lot of the things we didn't see on the show.

In this sneak peek from the reunion, Adam asks why none of the "good" things he's done have been shown or talked about in the tabloids. "You brought it on yourself because you were an a**hole," she quips. We can't really argue with that one too much.

Then, Adam busts the lid off of Chelsea's secrets and some of it is a little sketch. "When she was pregnant with Aubree, she slept with one of my best friends that I went to high school with," he revealed. "That scarred me for life." Um, that might be a little too dramatic, especially because he never seemed super into Chelsea, but who are we do say how it affected him?

Oh, and he also says that she slept with his brother. Not as in he called that dude from high school "brother" because they were so close--he's talking about his ACTUAL brother. It was apparently before they ended up hooking up and we're totally shocked--mainly because we had no idea Adam even had a brother, so finding out that the guy existed at the same time we're hearing that Chelsea slept with him--it's kind of a lot to take in.

The Teen Mom 2 reunion with Dr. Drew airs on Tuesday at 11/10c.

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