Teen Mom 2 Reunion Sneak Peek: An Incredibly Awkward Encounter

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If you're all caught up on your Teen Mom 2 episodes, you saw that Javi and Jo seem to get along pretty well. Javi has dropped Kailyn and Jo's son Isaac off a couple of times and it seemed to go about as well as it could have. Well, guess what, there's a heck of a lot more to the story and we're about to find out.

In this sneak peek from Tuesday's Teen Mom 2 reunion, Dr. Drew doesn't waste any time pushing Jo and Javi's respective buttons. He is obvi privy to some knowledge that we aren't and he pushes Jo to talk about the tension he has with Javi.

After a role-play conversation that started about Kailyn and Jo's girlfriend Vee, the convo somehow switched to the guys right in the middle of the whole thing. "I'll have a cup of coffee...or a phone call or something," " Jo says--and the look on Kailyn's face tells us that's nevah gonna happen.

Then, Kailyn stares at Javi for an incredibly awkward amount of time and he tries to pretend like it's not happening, except that it totally is and we all see it. So, there is clearly some info that we need to be looped in on.

Here's the situation: Javi is mad about the comments Jo made about Lincoln before he was born--they don't say specifically which ones, but he did say some pretty mean stuff, like when he said he hoped her water broke one night during an argument.

After some coaxing from Dr. Drew, Jo apologizes to Javi and Javi isn't buying what he's selling. Jo dishes out the kind of apology you get out of a 5-year-old who has to say sorry, but really isn't, to which Javi says "we'll see what happens when the cameras stop rolling." Yep, it's like that.

Apparently what happens when the cameras haven't been rolling has been some serious ish because from what we saw this season, the tension between Jo and Javi was just the typical "we've both had sex with the same person" kind of awkwardness. None of this "we can go outside" kind of stuff that they're showing on this clip.

The crazy part is that it takes A LOT to piss off Javi--because Kailyn has pushed about every limit he has and he's been cool as a cucumber--so for Jo to have made him this mad, that's big time.
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