Top 5 MTV Movie Awards 2014 Moments: From Grumpy Cat to Zac Efron Shirtless

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Didn't watch the 2014 MTV Movie Awards Sunday night? Don't worry, we've got your back. We tuned in and came up with our very own list of the top five moments from the show. From Zac Efron's smoking hot body to Seth Rogen awkwardly kissing his mom, see the list we came up with below. And just in case you want to find out who actually took home an award too, peep a list of all the night's big winners here.

5. Sitting front row at the show was the night's most famous celebrity...Grumpy Cat

listicles, MTV Movie Awards

4. There was an awesome Paul Walker tribute

3. Drake who? Rihanna got her MTV Movie Awards thing on with another rapper...Eminem

listicles, MTV Movie Awards

2. Dude, Seth Rogen totally WENT THERE and basically made out with his mom...on front of everyone

listicles, MTV Movie Awards

1. And then this happened...

listicles, MTV Movie Awards
But let's be real. The exciting parts of the night are the mistakes and mess-ups. Check out the top five epic fails from this year's MTV Movie Awards.

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