Katy Perry's New Lyric Video Is a Super Sweet, Guilt-Free Indulgence

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There are already so many pop songs about cake, who would have thought we'd need another one? Judging by the video views, over 6 million people thought so, actually. Color us surprised.

Anyway, Katy Perry decided to be a little more specific and she went with the traditional birthday cake for her 'Birthday' lyric video--and it is the most serious lyric video we've ever seen. Literally, they have the lyrics written all over the various cake-making paraphernalia...

...and it's even on the cakes themselves.

Don't worry, there is a cake cameo by the infamous Kitty Purry, too. In a total quick blink-and-you-might-miss-it moment, we see this cat cake and the collar says...what else? Kitty Purry, duh.

By the looks of the delicious treats scattered all over this kitchen, it looks like Katy has been a busy little baker. She had some help, though. According to People, Katy's cakes came from the Ace of Cakes super baker, Duff Goldman.

"It was a real collaboration," he told the mag. "The Cakemix staff was working with the producer and director, who would say, 'We need this lyric written out in frosting,' or, 'Can we get this done with food coloring?' It was a really intense affair, putting it all together, but really cool - it made us feel like a part of what they were doing."

Oh, and the production team got to take the cakes home once the director yelled "cut," which literally mean they could start cutting the cakes. Katy got a little consolation prize, too--cupcakes that spelled out her name. Hopefully he used her birth name, Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, because that's way more cupcakes than Katy Perry.
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