Text Offender? Jenelle Evans' Boyfriend Reportedly Sent Sexy Texts to Gal Pal

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There is never, ever, ever, ever a dull moment with Jenelle Evans--and that's not necessarily a good thing. The embattled Teen Mom 2 star has been arrested, she's been in rehab, she's married to one dude and they're not talking anymore, so she's pregnant with another guy's baby, but now they're having huge fights and people are getting arrested left and right. It's kind of a sh*t storm, to be honest.

On the season finale of Teen Mom 2, Jenelle and Nathan had probably their saddest fight so far (not to be confused with the super loud one they had earlier, where Jenelle got arrested for disturbing the peace). During this fight, Nathan told Jenelle there was a 90% chance they would break up and he implied that she should consider aborting their unborn child--Jenelle was 12 weeks pregnant at the time.

Obviously, that was filmed a couple of months ago and things seemed to be going a little better--which doesn't say much--until this bomb dropped. In the new issue of OK! Magazine, a woman named Nayla says she's been exchanging phone calls, texts and some sexy videos with Jenelle's boyfriend.

As for Jenelle, it looks like she's standing by her man for the time being--well, not standing RIGHT by him cause he's in jail at the moment, but you know what we mean. "I saw everything already... I don't get her point in continuously trying to prove... Wait prove what again?!" she tweeted after the news came out. Unfortunately for Jenelle, the girl provided proof of the alleged convos, which might complicate things a little.

Plus, for anyone who saw how Jenelle reacted when she found out Nathan had been talking to a gal pal (the same one?) while she was in jail, we have a feeling a discussion will be had between these two--and it won't be nearly as sexy as any of those texts.

Jenelle Evans Pulled Over, Gives 'Sex' As Excuse
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