What's So Funny About Safety? Let This Southwest Flight Attendant Tell You

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Everyone knows there's nothing funnier than safety. Right? Wrong. But this Southwest flight attendant gave it an honest effort and the passengers thought it was hilarious.

Seriously, it's cute and definitely a change of pace from the usual "fasten your seat belts, blah blah blah" but these people are full-on cracking up. Was there free alcohol on that flight or do they have a laugh track playing in the background? There is a big difference between the standard courtesy giggle and the real life version of LMAO. Like, the dude in the front row has the whole knee-slapping, hand-clapping kind of laugh going on. No. It's not that funny.

Can you imagine if you were airsick and you try to tell this flight attendant? She'd be like cracking jokes about barf and the little bag you have to stick your face in. Oh well, at least she's a flight attendant and not a sex ed instructor. That would just be way too awkward.

(h/t CollegeHumor)


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