What's the World's Toughest Job? Watch 24 Applicants' Reactions to the No Pay Position

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If this doesn't prove that reading is fundamental, we don't know what does.

For kicks, a Boston agency created a job ad for Director of Operations of "Rehtom Inc. " It paid nothing, required the employee to work 365 days a week, 24 hours a day, and not be able to sit down once, among other things. And they had to have a sunny disposition while doing so.

Twenty-four people (who clearly didn't take the time to read the full ad) actually applied to it.

They soon realized their mistake during their Skype interviews for the position, when a recruiter popped up and listed the job requirements, also adding that there was no health and dental insurance involved either.

"We're looking for someone that might have a degree in medicine, finance and the culinary arts. You have to wear many hats," the recruiter told one of the applicants. "If you had a life, we'd ask you to give that life up. No vacations. In fact, Thanksgiving, New Year's and holidays, the workload is going to go up and we demand that. "

For the most part, the applicants just sat there confused, with a couple of them saying "no way," "that's just cruel," and "absolutely not " (they still stuck around until the end of the interview though).

Then, the recruiter hit them with yet another surprise: "What if I told you there were billions of people that hold this position...moms," he said. "And they meet every requirement." A couple of people were brought to tears by this-which we sorta get since we may or may not have teared up at the end of it. Or, maybe they were tearing up because he didn't point them in a direction of a real job up for grabs?

Either way, if you look closely at the name of the faux company he was there to recruit for, you'll see it's actually mother spelled backwards.

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