Judge Orders Man to Hold Sign of Shame on Street Corner for Five Hours

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We have a feeling this 62-year-old man might not be so excited about it anymore, either, after a judge ordered him to hold this sign on a street corner on Sunday. What did it say?

"I AM A BULLY! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community that I live in."

And there he sat, for five hours, holding the sign with letters large enough that they could be read from 25 feet away (that was actually part of the sentence). Well played, judge.

The man had reportedly been feuding with a neighbor for 15 years and was bullying her disabled children. The woman has two adult adopted children with developmental disabilities, a son who is paralyzed and a husband who is suffering from dementia, The Huffington Post reports.

Real classy buddy. And you can't hide behind that ugly hat and sunglasses when your name is plastered all over the Internet.

For what it's worth, the guy plead no contest to the charges (this is reportedly his fourth time being convicted of harassing his neighbors) and he denies ever bullying the family.

Man Forced to Hold 'I Am a Bully Sign' Claims Sentence Is Unfair
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