Trouble in Paradise for Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting?

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Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting have been married for like five seconds--isn't it a little soon for the breakup rumors to be swirling. Seriously, the couple hasn't even been married four months yet, which is even ridiculously short by Hollywood standards (sorry, Kim Kardashian).

We know that people have been skeptical of this romance because the couple was only together for three months before they announced that they were engaged. They seem pretty in love to us, though, and we're not gonna judge. Sometimes you just know. Sometimes "you think you know, but you have no idea" and then you watch that MTV Diary show and then you're in the know, too.

Either way, we are totally on board with their little love story and not just because they have matching tattoos of their wedding date and it would really suck to have to get them removed, but because we think they're totally cute together.

Of course, the rumor mill doesn't care what we think and the first big breakup rumor about the newlyweds comes to us courtesy of Life & Style, who claims that Kaley is "already having second thoughts" about marrying Ryan. And that's not all --their source reveals, "Ryan doesn't like it when Kaley drinks too much. He feels like he has to babysit her...They've already had huge blowups about that."

GossipCop, however, spoke with their own source (hopefully a separate one because that would be weird) who called the rumor an "absolute joke" saying that the newlyweds are "completely and utterly in love."

That seems to line up with what they have each been posting on their respective Instagram pages. In fact, if we didn't love them so much, they'd totally be that couple that we're sick of seeing "look how cute we are" pictures of.
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