Woman Dies and Leaves $50,000 to Her Cats

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This brings the phrase "cat lady" to a whole 'nother level.

When 56-year-old Laura James died last year, she left $50,000 to her five cats, according to DNAinfo, giving each fancy feline $10,000. The purpose of this was to give the new owner of each cat enough money to give the kitties quality care-she specifically said this in her will.

But, since none of the cats can walk into a bank and cash the check (obvi), the bequeathed dough is causing major drama in the neighborhood.

While the trustee that oversees the late New York resident's inheritances found homes for two of the cats, she's had issues placing the other three.

And here's why. A woman who helped watch the cats after Laura had fallen ill had been trying to place the cats in homes herself and is now asking James' estate to reimburse her $6,390 for taking care of the cats and for costs she said she incurred during veterinary visits.

The woman said she believed two of the cats that had "bonded" should be sold in a pair, but the trustee said she wanted a cat shrink (!) to evaluate them both to see if they could live apart from each other.

Essentially, this whole thing is a mess.

And it got even messier when the woman took it upon herself to place the three cats with an owner that was willing to take all of them-which was great, except she demanded the $30,000 that came with the cats afterwards. To make matters worse, she won't tell the trustee where the cats are until she gets the money.


Perhaps leaving the money to an actual person would've been a better idea.

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