5 Reasons We're Totally Over Coachella

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Coachella is the music festival that just won't quit. Another weekend of desert douchebaggery debauchery is looming upon us yet again, but if we see another flower headpiece or Instagram of the ubiquitous ferris wheel, we're gonna flip. Here are 5 reasons why we're now #Nochella:

1. It's dusty. On Day 2 of the first weekend, there was a major sandstorm, forcing festivalgoers to cover their faces in bandannas and coating them in dust. Fun!

2. It's douchey. Coachella = brochella. Hate to break it to you ladies, but your Coachella romance will probably last as long as Kylie Jenner's green hair

3. It's expensive. General admission tickets are $375, VIP costs $799 and sold out within minutes (not to mention the cash you'll blow on a new weekend wardrobe)

4. All the fugly festival fashion. Yes, we're talking about Justin Bieber's bucket hat, Kendall Jenner's huge nosering and Jared Leto's zebra print pants. Make it stop

5. All the celeb cameos already happened. We doubt Jay and Beyonce will grace festival goers twice with their presence. They've got a tour to plan, guys


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