5 Reasons Why 'Mrs.Doubtfire' Was Basically the Best Movie Ever

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We can die happy now. Well, when the movie comes out, that is...Yep, 90s kids, there's going to be a Mrs.Doubtfire sequel.

The news just dropped and it seems like all of the original actors are on board, except little Natalie...lame! In case you don't remember the movie or just haven't seen it before (such blasphemy!), we came up with five reasons why you should be happy another one is on the way and why the original was the best movie...like ever.

5. We could never listen to "Dude Looks Like a Lady" the same ever again. The dancing scene was just hilarious

4. And we've all done this one to an ex and their new love before too, right? Plus, it's just funny to see an old lady flip someone off

3. Who didn't want a dad like Daniel? And what young girl didn't think Matt was a total babe?

2. She taught us to watch our boobs at all times...especially while cooking.

1. And what to use when you need to hide your face...or need a new face cream.


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