Another Reason Why Justin Bieber's Dad Is Pretty Much a Bigger D-Bag Than He Is

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As if being a part of his son's DUI arrest wasn't douchebaggery at its finest, like his son, Jeremy Bieber has had some other pretty epic loser moments too. There's talk out there now that Papa Bieber once got in legal trouble after he kicked a girl in the face, knocked her out and broke her jaw.

According to new reports, Jeremy once kicked a girl in the face because she wouldn't show him her boobs. Alicia Wadden was partying with Justin Bieber's dad in Ontario back in 2002 when he apparently got a little too intoxicated, made a pass at her, got rude when she shut him down and then jacked her in the face when she slapped him. Of course, she went to the police and pressed charges.

When Jeremy realized he was headed for legal trouble, he paid her $1,000 to not show up in court. He was already dealing with other legal stuff and wasn't looking for even more charges. While there are always two sides of every story, you have to read her entire recollection of the scary fight. She really makes him sound like an ass.

So, is that who Justin got his jerkoff ways from? Probably. Joe Jonas even recently said that he thinks Bieber's dad is a horrible influence on the singer.

Jeremy was recently involved with Justin's DUI arrest and that horrible Super Bowl private plane weed smoke out and police search. Think he's the bad Bieber influence?

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