Which Lady Gaga Song Are You?

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Which <a href="http://cambio.com/tag/lady-gaga/"><strong>Lady Gaga</strong></a> song fits your personality best? Take our quiz to find out.&nbsp;

You prefer your hair:

Big, bold and lots of body
Fun, quirky and creative
No time to do my hair, I'm working
Whatever the current style is

Your view on work is:

It's where my passion lies, nothing can get in the way of my work
I work hard and play harder
It's a great place to meet new people
I hate it, but I do it

Your ideal date is:

A seminar
IDC...As long as we're together
A music festival
A fashion show, featuring: ME

On a Saturday night, you'd rather:

Hit the clubs
Work, work, work!
Perform at a local comedy club
Go on a spy mission to see if my bf/gf is creepin'

Your car is:

A little banged up, kinda messy and I love it that way
A practical car that gets good gas mileage
Everyone knows when I roll up
A car with a big backseat...yeah baby!

Which of these outfits would you totally wear?

Loading Your Personality
Which Lady Gaga Song Are You?

"Give me the thing that I love..."

You are 'Applause.' You want all eyes on you, all the time. Why? Because you're awesome, obviously. You love to put on a show and you're dang good at what you do, if you must say so yourself. Your friends (and you have tons of them) would describe you as outgoing, fun and creative. One word that would never, ever be used to describe you is "shy." 

Which Lady Gaga Song Are You?
"Marry the Night"

"I'm a warrior queen, live passionately tonight..."

You are 'Marry the Night.' You won't let anything get in the way of work. You are driven and when you set your mind to something, you won't let anything stand in your way. When someone slams a door in your face, you bulldoze your way right through the wall. Some people might say you're a workaholic--and you take that as a total compliment. 

Which Lady Gaga Song Are You?
"Just Dance"

"Keep it cool, what's the name of this club?...I can't remember but it's all right, all right..."

You are 'Just Dance.' You're spontaneous, love to have a good time and have been known to throw caution into the wind. You hate having to follow a schedule and you're always up for a weekend road trip. Vegas, anyone?!

Which Lady Gaga Song Are You?
"Bad Romance"

"Rah, rah...rah uh uh...."

You are 'Bad Romance.' You love to love, so what? And we're not just talking about the kind of love you read about in romance novels. You are a lover AND a fighter. Why? Because you know that after every argument, you're gonna make up eventually and it's so incredibly hot when you do.

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