Why Does Leah Calvert Have This Creepy Doll in Her House?

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What the heck?! During the Teen Mom 2 season finale, fans understandably freaked out when they saw this creepy doll in Leah Calvert's house.

Perhaps even more concerning than why she had something so weird in the first place was whether or not her kids were playing with this nightmare-inducing piece of plastic.

It was honestly only on camera for a split second, but as we all know, that's all it takes to bring out the best (see: worst) in the critics. After fans continued to question what the heck this doll was doing in her house, the reality star finally spoke out about it. "Lmao. It was from the Halloween party we had," Leah told Teen Mom Truth.

Of course, some people might wonder what it's still doing in the house when Halloween was months ago. Remember the show shoots at least a couple months ahead of the actual air date, so for all we know, this scene could have been filmed on November 1.

Even if it was for a Halloween party, do you guys think something like that is too scary to have around the kids? They might not necessarily understand--especially little Adalynn, who is only a year old.
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