Katy Perry Shows Off Her Adorable New Puppy

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The crazy cat lady just got...a dog?! Katy Perry, who loves cats (like really, really loves them) just showed off this precious pic of her new puppy.

"Meet my new Prismatic World Tour mascot, BUTTERS! #nolongerjustacatlady..." she captioned the doggy debut. She didn't say whether it's a boy or a girl and "Butters" is about as gender-neutral as it gets in the world of dog names, but we don't really care. He or she is super cute and that's all that matters.

We wonder how Katy broke the news to her cat Kitty Purry who has ruled the Perry roost for quite some time now. Will she share her amazing cat condo (that's really more of a castle) with Butters or will she be super pissed that the dog is hogging all of her attention?

What about Kitty's cameos in Katy's videos? Will people now want to see Butters instead? (Yes) And is Katy just going to take off on tour with her new mascot and leave Kitty sitting home sulking in her litter box? That's not even the worst of it--wait until Kitty sees how much cooler dog toys (and treats!) are than the current cat offerings.

While Kitty Purry might not be super excited about the new addition to her household, we are beyond thrilled that we can now officially welcome Katy to the wonderful world of dog owners. Thanks for joining us, we think you'll be very happy here. Katy Perry's Rumored Coachella Hook Up
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