Kid Climbs Into Claw Machine at Bowling Alley

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Well, that's one way to beat the system! This 3-year-old's mom was understandably terrified when he went missing, but it turns out, he was just across the street at the bowling alley--inside the claw machine.

You know those machines that you drop your two quarters into and think you're going to score yourself the cheapest stuffed animal you ever bought--only to be super pissed when the claw's slippery fingers drop it on the way up? Yeah, that one.

This guy didn't have to worry about any of the shaking or rattling of the claw device because he just climbed in there and played with all of the stuffed animals. Smart kid--except that what he did was super dangerous, especially when you consider the fact that he crawled into that little door that we've all gotten our arms stuck in at least once.

Fortunately, a worker was able to open the machine's main door and the boy was plucked out of the prize bin by hands that are much more stable than that flimsy claw.

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