Meet Joan of Shark, the Biggest Great White Ever Tagged

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Cue the Jaws theme music.

This huge great white shark, who was nicknamed "Joan of Shark" by local fisherman, was spotted swimming close to an Australian beach, scaring locals and causing the beach to close, according to the UK Telegraph. At 16 feet, 1.8 tons, Joan was so big, that she is considered to be the biggest of her kind ever tagged.

As for what lured Joan close to shore, It is believed that the Great White smelled a distressed humpback whale that was beached and later died, causing her to keep coming near the beach.

After catching wind of Joan's existence, fisheries caught her, injected her with an external tracking device and tracked her for three weeks. They captured her again a week later and placed another tag in her stomach to track her for a decade. Which means she's still out there, in the ocean, somewhere.

"Obviously, with that whale incident and because of the distress signals that it would have sent out, it would have attracted sharks and they will probably frequent the beach for the next few days," Spokesman for the state department of fisheries Martin Kleeman said.

Not even two tagging sessions could keep Joan from the area though. She was detected early Tuesday morning near Ellen Cove, one of the most popular beaches in Western Australia.

Businessman Catches Biggest Great White Shark Ever
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