Please Eat Responsibly: You'll Never Believe What This Ice Cream Has in It

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No request is too weird when your client is a celebrity. They get whatever they want, whenever they want with pretty much no questions asked. You've seen the riders for some A-listers and the crazy things they demand backstage, right? Well, this just topped all of those...combined.

Apparently a celebrity client had a Viagra-laced ice cream made for a party he recently had. No details were revealed about the client, but we think it's pretty safe to assume it was a dude. Each scoop of the champagne-flavored ice cream contains 25 mg (a relatively low dose, apparently) of the blue boner-maker.

"So this was a commission from one of our A-list clients, to make a Viagra ice cream haha. It's called The Arousal," the creator wrote on his Instagram page. "Clients name has to be kept confidential unfortunately but apparently they were 'very happy with the end result.'" Um, yeah...we would think so.

This raises (no pun intended) so many questions--the first of which being, how is that even legal? Or is it legal? With that 3,000-page encyclopedia you get whenever you fill a prescription and all of the drug interactions we're constantly being warned about, we can't imagine any medical professional being on board with this ice cream social.

Also, what happens if a guy gets a major craving and just starts pounding this stuff by the pint? Ouch. Along the same lines, we very much doubt the way the ice cream was presented by the creator was much of a coincidence. What if a woman eats it, though? Or if a kid got a hold of it by accident? It doesn't seem like much good can come of this ice cream...unless, of course, you're a willing participant on the receiving end of the result.

Glow-In-The-Dark Ice Cream

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