16 and Pregnant Sneak Peek: The Most Uninspired Job Search Ever

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On this week's episode of 16 and Pregnant, we have the privilege of meeting Autumn and her boyfriend, who is absolutely one of the least enthusiastic people we've ever seen on the show. Ever.

In this sneak peek, a very pregnant Autumn tries to convince her boyfriend that he needs to get a job...because, you know, babies cost money and stuff.

"Call and say 'hey can I speak to the manager,'" she says, trying to point him in the right direction. It is quite clear that he might need a little more hand-holding than that, so Autumn tries to help him out. "Say 'hi my name is Dustin, I was wondering if you are hiring,'" she clarifies.

Any questions? Yes, you with the phone in your hand and the baffled look on your face...what's your question? "Do I have to say my name is Dustin?" he asks. Um....not if IT ISN'T...and we think it's pretty safe to assume that it is, so yeah, you should probably go ahead and do that.

Fortunately, Dustin rallies and pounds out the number of a couple of places to inquire about job openings. UNfortunately, he's way more enthusiastic about eating his apple than he is about his job search. Literally, put the apple down for one hot minute, man.

When Dustin gets an answer that he wasn't expecting, he's not exactly sure how to handle the curve ball that's thrown at him...and it takes the person on the other end of the phone about three seconds to get annoyed at him. To her credit, she held out for a long longer than we did.

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