Happy Easter! Jelly Bean Milk and Easter Eggnog Hits Stores

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Well, this is one way to ring in Easter.

We're not quite sure if we want to kick off the holiday with a hearty glass of Jelly Bean milk, but it does exist, with Hiland Dairy Foods and Prairie Farms serving up that and Easter Eggnog in select grocery stores around the country.

Jelly Bean Milk is on the newer side when it comes to the companies' holiday beverage line, but Easter Egg Nog, believe it or not, has been selling since the '90s, according to the Consumerist (via Jezebel). Which means there are people that are into this stuff. A lot of people actually.

Since it's simply eggnog for the spring (we think) and it still feels like winter in numerous places, we sort of get the Easter Eggnog. But, the whole Jelly Bean milk thing still has us scratching our heads. Jelly beans are really, really sweet (and good when eaten alone)...but Jelly bean milk? We draw the line at the chocolate variety.

Would you sip on Jelly Bean Milk or Easter Eggnog? Have you already tried it? Tell us in the comments.
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