Farrah Abraham Teaches Us About "Cups" and "Warning" Off Evil Spirits

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There are a lot of people who wish Farrah Abraham would just keep her mouth shut. Vivid Entertainment, for example, sent her a pair of cease and desist letters, which is the fancy legal way of telling her to do exactly that.

Farrah has said a lot of stupid things in the past--like when a radio interviewer asked her what she thought about the Trayvon Martin case back when it was all over the news and she said: "I feel like I've met her or something...that sounds so familiar....I don't know what she is, so I can't like picture her....I can't picture the person with the name right now."

Or when she was asked if she considers herself a feminist and she provided this intellectual gem: "I'm pretty feminine. I think so... What does that mean, you're a lesbian or something?"

Over the holiday weekend, however, Farrah served up a double dose of dumb via a couple of Keek videos. In the first one (above), the sex tape star says that her dog got neutered and that he's wearing a "cup."

At first, we were like 'why would they put a cup on a dog after he gets neutered, wouldn't that hurt?' but when you see what Farrah actually thought was called a "cup," the whole thing will make more sense.

In the other video, she's showing off her "summer jewelry" where she's basically plugging pieces that she apparently got for free from this company and unfortunately, she didn't read the script very carefully. In the clip (and the video caption), she declares that she's going to "warn" off evil with her "#warnoffevileye" bracelet.

Warn it about what? So, does that mean that she's on team evil? Is she warning it about all of the people who are trying to WARD it off? So. Many. Questions.

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