Kailyn Lowry Reveals Struggle With Eating Disorder

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Just when we thought Kailyn Lowry couldn't surprise us any more, she did it again. In her new memoir, Pride Over Pity, the Teen Mom 2 star reveals that she's a rape survivor, she had an abortion and stayed at a homeless shelter--among many other things.

As if all of the strife she's had to endure isn't heartbreaking enough, she also opens up about a struggle with an eating disorder--and the saddest detail of all is that it started at home. Kailyn says that her mother (who has been in and out of Kailyn's life recently) used to call her "Chunky Monkey."

Then, in high school, Kail met a friend who was suffering from an eating disorder and she soon began following in the unhealthy behaviors. "We were a pair of anorexic teenagers who became caught up in an unhealthy trend," she reveals. It sounds like the eating disorder didn't have a serious grip on her at that point and she was able to have a healthy pregnancy when she was carrying her son Isaac.

Unfortunately, that also put her in the limelight when she was featured on 16 and Pregnant and then Teen Mom 2. Bullies were quick to criticize Kailyn's figure and she says there was even a Twitter page called "Hulk Kail." Really, people?

With all of the increased scrutiny, Kailyn soon slipped back into old habits and was over-exercising and making herself throw up. "That's how desperately I wanted to be thin," she pens.

All of that is now behind the reality star, who just had her second child, is married to a wonderful guy named Javi and seems happier than ever. Oh, and for all the haters, she just finished a Tough Mudder race this weekend--six months after she had her baby.

For what it's worth, we think Kailyn is gorgeous and we love the fact that she's now using her experience to try to encourage others to embrace their own bodies, no matter what shape or size.

**If you, or anyone you know is suffering from an eating disorder, please call the National Eating Disorder Association's toll free, confidential helpline at 1-800-931-2237** Niecy Nash's Tips for Embracing Your Body at Any Size
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