Leah Calvert Embarks on a Brand New Business Venture

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On the next season of Teen Mom 2, we might see Leah Calvert swap out her current car for a pale pink Cadillac because she's just become an official Mary Kay consultant.

"Do you have a Mary Kay consultant or lost touch with a prior one? I am now a consultant and would love to have an amazing MK party w/ you," she tweeted on Sunday.

Of course, it took fans about five seconds to look her up on the website and start using her phone number for non-makeup-related inquiries. Finally, Leah decided she'd had enough and took to her Twitter to complain about the curious calls from fans.

"If your going to get my number off my website and call me. Just talk for Petes sake, don't be immature. #thanksmuch," she wrote.

It is kind of surprising that she would just put her phone number online like that when she has tons of fans. With over a million Twitter followers, she has to know that people are dying to know any little detail they can find out about her and getting her phone number is a major score.

That's tough, though. She needs to list her phone number so that actual customers can get a hold of her, but there is always going to be the over-zealous fan factor. What would you do if you were Leah? Would you use a different phone number for the business stuff or just accept that fans will be ringing your phone off the hook?

Either way, we're happy for Leah that she's found something (aside from taking care of her kids, which is a full-time job in and of itself) to keep her busy when her hubby Jeremy is away at work--sometimes for weeks at a time.

She hinted on the Teen Mom 2 season finale that she would really like to have a career of her own, so we commend her for taking the initiative and following through with it, especially when it would probably be pretty easy to just sit back and collect the checks from the show.
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